The Little Things (still on the eXtreme Tour)

To know that the little things mean more than they appear makes me want to slap myself sometimes.  For example, spending time with a small girl while doing a show on the lakefront in Hagerman, Idaho today. Here I am thinking that I'm simply having a good time with her, but here she is with a father who’s not around (in prison) and looking for someone to love her. Above all this, all I can hear is God whispering, "You're going to help change her life."

God, I am not worthy and I feel so absolutely dumb for not thinking more highly of the small tasks, like spending time with my new friend, that you've called me to. I want to be better and simply because I love you. Thank you for today. A day filled with hope, a car show, great hamburgers and your love. Thank you Father.

Martay WilliamsComment