On to Winfield, Kansas (eXtreme Tour, Day 8)

Hello there. It’s currently 3:13am and I’m sitting at a desk writing to you right outside the sanctuary of Crossroads Church in Winfield, Kansas as the guys of the tour practice the set to the dubstep-metal-screamo band they made. LOL. The funny thing about it is that I actually like the music they’re creating. Some of their lyrics are “you better run, you better hide, if you want to make it out alive”. Lol. I have no clue what the significance of those lyrics are, but I do know that they draw in a select group of young kids that don’t  have a taste for normal rock or rap. The kids that want something “harder” and something they can relate to. This seems to do the trick for some… it brings them close so that these guys can share the love of Christ. This is super cool, if you ask me.


Today was a traveling day. I woke up at 12ish, ate some biscuits & gravy in my pajamas, and then cleaned up the church with the rest of the crew in Prue.  Picking up trash outside of the church was my pleasure. After all they did for us, this was truly the least I could do along with Morgan (A Life Set Apart) and Jason (Runaway Symphony). After we packed up and loaded up the vehicles, the guys from “Runaway Symphony” and I headed down the road to Winfield, Kansas following close behind “A Life Set Apart”. Temps ran as high as 109 today and we had no air conditioning while driving, but for some reason- no matter how hot it got- we had an extreme sense of peace upon us. We knew that what we were doing was  all for the glory of the Lord, so it didn’t seem bad by any means. We had a good ‘bible study’ in the car: we talked about the abnormal idea of animals possibly possessing a soul and going to heaven (the bible mentions the resurrection body of animals in 1 Corinthians 15… check it out sometime) and had fun just diving into deep conversation.

After about 2.5 hours of riding, we finally arrived to Winfield. We got settled in the church, ate some dinner, and then went out on another one of our “hype” nights (where we go out and hang with the locals, show them the love of Christ, and invite them to the concert the next day). I rode with “A Life Set Apart” in their van. We went to a skate park and talked with a few small kids, crashed a private Subway party with our music, talked with some kids on the corner (singing for them and encouraging them), and then finished up the night at Sonic (the restaurant for those who don’t know what it is) with the rest of the tour.

After we finished that, we came back to the church and munched on some snacks. Then we had a powerful worship time with each other. Sitting in a really tight circle, we sang “From the Inside Out” and another song for worship. Then we prayed openly, people confessed their struggles and sins, we read scripture out of the book of James while discussing it, and truly let God have his way. All it takes is one moment like that to bring us closer to one another and make us feel as if we’re more of a family. It was truly powerful.  Now I am sitting here, talking to you. I’m thankful for this tour experience; I’ve never seen anything like it. This is truly what Christian music is about--- going out to find the lost and giving them what God has given you. It’s not about sales, number one records, headlining….. it’s not! Those things are nice, but in reality God has shown me that having those things are nowhere  near as important as being used to reach one soul for Him. I’m thankful for being used and can’t wait to see what God has for us to do next on this tour, and after this tour. Pray for us while we’re on the road. Pray that God may have His way, that we stay healthy, and that people come to know God  for the amazing God that He is.