"Martay, I want to be a part of what you're doing. How can I help you?"


A lot of people ask me this question and my first answer is always: "pray for me". Prayer means a lot to me and my music. It's simple: my efforts would never have the impact they do if it weren't for your prayers. 


Though this is my first answer, there's always someone eager to do more. I used to encourage people to not give beyond prayer, but I soon realized that I was robbing them of their opportunity to be a part of this massive movement of God that is changing the lives of others. Now, I no longer hesitate to encourage someone to give to this cause I am upholding.


Because many people cannot travel with me and give of themselves creatively, I encourage them to give financially. While it is possible that some may snark at such an encouragement, many people who are excited about the impact they see my music making view donating properly: as an opportunity to show love to and change this current generation, and the one to come. 


My heart as a musician (and as a person) is to make life-breathing music, give it away freely and love abundantly. Donations from people like you help make this possible. Become a part of my cause and watch lives be changed forever!


Below is a donate button. Give as you feel led to. 

Thanks for all of your love and support. 


xoxo  Martay