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martay biography.

From the Central Coast of California, Martay is an innovative music project out to change the tides of music. Whether it be Gabriella “Martay” Williams solo or her on lead vocals and bass playing alongside her band members -- Becca Miller on keys and background vocals, Alex Fuller on drums, and Mikey Ponce on guitar -- this project with its rocky-soul-pop sound has begun making a name for itself. Not many could have predicted that the fuel from Martay's solo music career would turn into a dynamic, energy-filled band with a sound aching to be heard. 

Before the band, Williams had already been singing, performing and recording music professionally for over 8 years. Her musical start in Boston's music scene in 2008 was the beginning of her having a national following and playing more than half a thousand shows over the next 5 years. A supporting act on more than 4 national tours, composer of 3 solo albums, endurer of a shift in notoriety, and paver of a fresh musical direction – Martay is no longer just a one person project. It’s now a band that is destined to leave their mark on the industry and most importantly, change the lives of music fans for years to come.

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