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From the Central Coast of California, Martay is an innovative singer-songwriter out to inspire. Realizing as a teenager that it was a battle getting over the aches and pains she was experiencing from her dad's drug issues and her parents' divorce, Martay found relief through giving her life to God and the creative process of songwriting. This finding led her to begin performing in Boston's music scene in 2008 while attending college at Boston University. 

Before she could release her first project, she was quickly joining cohorts with talented producers in the area and other musicians who helped her begin building a national following, as well as play more than half a thousand shows over the next 5 years.

Since getting started, Martay has been a supporting act on 4 national music tours, self-distributed 3 albums, and paved a unique path with her consistently fresh musical sound. Relentlessly pursuing the art of being a light in dark places, one can find her playing solo with her guitar at smaller venues, as well as after-hours with a band in the city.

Whether by herself or with her crew, this story-telling creative knows how to resonate with the heart. Martay never fails to leave her audience captivated with hope for the future and contemplating the essence of life. 

With a sound and presence that is contagious, Martay has begun to create her own community of fans and onlookers through social media. These supporters are the force that helped her break through the door to open for Snoop Dogg in September of 2016 at The Labor Day Music Festival. Sweeping the festival's extremely close Battle of the Bands competition in the final hours by commissioning her followers to vote and pray, Martay won first place by a 1000 vote lead. Her relentless cultivation of relationships online led her to open up for the legendary Snoop Dogg at Los Angeles' Exposition Park for over 4000 people, as well as share the stage with music veterans Los Lonely Boys, Poncho Sanchez, Victor Orlando (past drummer of The Gap Band), The New Orleans All-Star Band, and more.

With such an unexpected win, Martay is now on the map for emerging artists to watch in California. There's no doubt that she is set to leave her mark on the music industry and most importantly -  bring light to music fans for years to come.

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