Obedience is not about you (Extreme tour day 6)`

Today was an eventful day. With little sleep last night, I was surprised to have the great amount of energy I had today. With about 5 hours or less of sleep, I woke up and felt great. I had a great time of devotion with God, took a shower, had a cup of coffee and some pancakes that the church members here in Prue prepared for us. After hanging out at the breakfast tables with everyone reading their bibles and discussing light hearted things, we all went into our different bible studies: men went with other men, women with women, and youth with youth.


During the bible study, we discussed a lot about my generation. Since it was mostly older women, they didn’t really seem to understand my generations’ dependency on social networks and the internet. Seeing the internet as a neutral tool that can often be abused and used to benefit others, I made sure I chimed in and gave a balanced perception of the issue being discussed. After bible study we entered church. The alter call was before the message and was truly powerful.


 After that, the pastor spoke on our worth as Christians and how we often devalue ourselves. His main point was that “things are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them”. If Jesus was willing to lay his life down and pay our debt for us in this way, how much more important should we consider ourselves? So much more! After church, we hung out and then setup for a show outside of the church.

The show went well. We had a new band join us today with a great girl lead singer  ( I enjoy bands with great girl lead singers). We all performed well despite a little rain on us, watched an amazing firework, hung out with the locals, and I was truly happy to be used


After the show, this woman approached me and told me that her mom had recently died and she was just about to give up on Jesus until she heard my testimony about my crazy child hood and then watched God use me as I sang, “I Need You”. The magnitude of her finding hope and not throwing her faith away because of God using me blows my mind. I’m so thankful… obedience is truly necessary in all we do. Imagine if I hadn’t have listened to God and done my own thing… that lady would have never gotten the affirmation and extra push to continue in fellowship with God. I’m so thankful she’s going to continue in her faith. I had a ton of fun tonight.


 The people of Prue, OK are truly some of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. They have taught me many things, especially how to love others more than I ever could. After the show, we dismantled the stage and talked a little bit while inside. God is good. He’s doing a new thing. Let’s keep our eyes open.