Falling in love with Prue, OK (extreme tour)

Hey there. Today was a pretty calm day. We were allowed to sleep in today and take it easy. Therefore, I woke up at 12:30, took a shower, ate breakfast, and then was invited by AJ (Runaway Symphony) to hit up Walmart in a town 30 minutes away. Deborah, AJ and me got in his van and we headed to Walmart. I needed to buy an air mattress and some canvas to make a banner for my merch table. Walmart was a total success. I got everything I needed. On the way there, the bag on top of Runaway Symphony’s van opened up and we ended up dropping some of their stuff all along the road (kind of like in a movie lol). So we parked the car, ran out and collected all of it in the 98 degree heat. While AJ was tying it all back on the van,

I ignorantly took my foot out of my sandal and placed it on the pavement.. talk about “BURN”. When we got everything together again we continued down the road and had good conversation: about Satan constantly attacking women’s beauty (or perception of) because he was stripped of his.. and so much more. It was a great opportunity to get to know my tour mates


After Walmart, we headed back to Prue (by the way of some dirt roads.. thank iPhone GPS!) and made it back by 5:30ish. Because it was so hot, we had to literally “chill” inside all day. We ate some lunch, I worked on a banner, the guys worked on some music for their new band, and we just hung out. At about 8, when it got dark, we headed over to the firework stand in Prue. Lots of people were coming and going so we saw it as a great opportunity to meet others and show some love. We took our guitars and headed over there… sang some good songs… made others up. Some of us girls from the tour went with some of the local girls to IHOP and Walmart (again for me). We were looking for some masks for the guys who formed the new DubbStep-Metal-Screamo band. Lol.


 At IHOP we shared our stories with one another, cried a little, laughed a lot, and talked about the 3 things that never fade away: faith, hope and LOVE. I’m so thankful for the time we spent together; while encouraging others I was encouraged to dig deeper into my own faith and use the power God has bestowed to me through prayer and His word more frequently. I love being a child of the King.. He’s given us so much power. It’s a beautiful thing.


 After we got back from Walmart, the guys tried on their masks (aka.. white little girls tights with goggles on top). It was truly a –HOT MESS--. I think the crowd will dig it though. I’m excited for tomorrow: church, concert, and another band will be joining us. I pray they get here alright and are super cool to be tour mates with. With that---- God is good! Much love y’all! Praise Him always.