Hot and Dangerous (eXtreme Tour)

It’s currently 2:30 am in the morning. I’m sitting here with a bunch of tour mates, while some of the guys create a “dub-step-metal-screamo” band. I think this may be the first in history. World—you’re not ready. We’re literally going through hundreds of sounds in logic to get some good tracks to play to. FUN. Today was a great day. Truly hot, but I’m thankful for being able to have a great place to stay with a bunch of people who are kind enough to host us and treat us like kings and queens. French Toast was for breakfast this morning with some bacon. After breakfast, we hung out a little bit and then headed out to a local pool in a town over from Prue. We got to the pool, ate lunch, swam a little bit, then went out to houses to invite folks in the underprivileged neighborhood to a free concert by us at the pool. At about 6pm we set up the stage for a concert. I set up the microphone’s all over the stage.. while others set up the drum set, the monitors and more. There was free food, ices, and more. Our intention was simply to love on the neighborhood and give them something they’re not used to having: a good time with people that love them.


 The Lacks hit the stage first, then I got the privilege to hit the stage ( It was a ton of fun… even invited some girls up to dance to “Givin’ it up” with me), after myself was Runaway Symphony, then David Heringer. Today was truly a good day. I got to hang out with many of the kids and go crazy dancing with them despite the heavy heat. I enjoyed jamming  out to everyone’s sets, as well as letting God use mine. We ended the night with David singing “How he loves us”. It was a great time of worship. After all was said in done, we packed all our stage equipment up and went back to where we’re staying. We ate some pasta and talked some more.


 God is truly humbling all of us that are on the tour. Whether we play for 100s or 2 people while on a stage, God is showing us that it’s all about obedience. It’s funny.. the more we tour and look forward to helping others, the more we’re humbled and taught things... The more we’re honored to even be considered to be used by God. It’s truly a privilege and a blessing. I’m simply thankful and expecting to see life from a different perspective. What are you expecting from God? Don’t give up. Love Him and believe He’ll provide. Love you all! - Martay