102 degrees + no air conditioning = pleasant? perhaps.

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, but I got in to Prue, Oklahoma with the eXtreme Tour and was wiped out. Our day started with us waking up, cleaning up, eating a little and then saying goodbye to everyone in Columbia, Missouri. The people at Centerpoint Church were truly a God-send and I will never forget their hospitality. As soon as it was 12ish-pm, I piled into the coolest van (with curtains and a bunch of band equipment) with the guys from Runaway Symphony. We had about a 8 hour drive ahead of us to Prue. It was a fun ride, we jammed to some great tunes.. pretended as if the van was a sauna because it was about 102 on the road and we had no air conditioning.. stopped a few times. To be honest, despite the crazy amount of sweat we poured out.. and our 1.5 hours in Walmart.. the trip was quite pleasant. It was also great to get to know my tour mates and what they’re all about. When we finally reached Prue, we were greeted by a bunch of kind-hearted people. They made a ton of food for us: a spaghetti-like pasta, greens, corn, cherry cupcakes, and peach cobbler. Can you say “heaven on earth”? After not eating a real meal all day, this was well-needed. Thanks be to God. After our meal, we had a bible study on love. What I got from this was that love is truly an action in which you give up something.. as opposed to simply being a substance. It’s a choice too. We must choose to love deeply; we must choose to love hard. Just like Jesus would. After our bible study, some of the girls and I worked on creating some Martay Music T-shirts to give to folks that want them. To think someone would want a MM t-shirt is crazy to me… I pray that it reminds them of Christ every time they wear one. I stayed up till about 3 with the girls doing that and then went to bed. Lot’s of bugs out here in Prue… I actually feel like I’m back in Africa at times. Regardless, I love it here so far. Really hot (98 degrees already today and it’s 1pm.. yikes), but God is our strength. Check out some footage from our van ride and some of the T-shirts we designed. Love you guys!!