My 3-Step Comeback in 2015

If you haven’t heard it from me yet: Happy New Year! I’ve been away from my blog for a bit, but life is great and I hope you’re blessed!

My 2014 list of remembrance. I'm ready for the quick pace in 2015. Let's go!

My 2014 list of remembrance. I'm ready for the quick pace in 2015. Let's go!

Before this New Year hit, I was making an ongoing list in 2014 of what I did as I did it. Sounds weird, right? I knew it was going to be a busy year… I just knew it and to no surprise of mine, I was right! I didn’t want to mentally forget the great things that God was making possible, so I made note of all the important events of my life as they were happening. How else would I remember? After all, 2014 and all its new opportunities, as well as responsibilities, were speeding by me at a pace I had never seen before!

What happens when things get busy and we’re not prepared?? I can speak for myself when I say that I start to shoot from the hip (that’s ancient slang for me having no strategy whatsoever and just going for it) when it comes to conquering things that need to be done, I become a bit of workaholic, and get completely burned out. Yes, I said it… burned out. All this added together makes for desperate coffee runs and an unfortunately tired Martay that loves the Lord with all her heart but can’t seem to stay awake throughout a time of personal devotion with Him.

Last year was the most phenomenal year of my life, but the quickened pace caught me off guard and if I had to do it all over again, I would do 3 important things to truly conquer the year God had planned for me. The following are 3 verbs that I am committing to implement in my life to conquer 2015 and live life better than ever before. If you feel like implementing them too, maybe we’ll all show up at the tattoo parlor together and get matching “3-Verb” tattoos. Just kidding! Here they are:

Verb 1: Soak

Being “burned out”, as I mentioned above, is really everything it sounds like. You wake up feeling as if your energy is burned and as if your gas tank is without. It comes from so many reasons: we may not be eating correctly, we might be sick for too long, we are overwhelmed with tasks… the list goes on and on. I actually experienced all of the symptoms I just listed in 2014, but the number one reason burn out happened to me (which brought on all those symptoms in the first place) was because I wasn’t taking the needed time to soak in God’s presence. Note that I said needed! I was spending time with God – praying, fasting, in His word, worshiping – and in no way did I not feel close to Him, but my personal time with Him was rushed and not enough to fill me so that I would have the adequate power I needed to get through the tasks ahead of me.

Sometimes we find ourselves spending time with God, but it’s just not enough to fill us with the power we need to achieve what He’s calling us to do. In 2015 I challenge us to not let our tasks and obligations dictate our time spent with God. Let’s pour out our love in an abundant fashion and receive the power we need to be successful in what we’re doing. The bible says it so plainly – “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9) He is our source and without him we are powerless.

Side note: Don’t let the verb “soak” scare you. Spending time with God does not have to be complicated. We come, he fills. Whatever “coming” to Him looks like to you is up to you. There are no rules. There are no time limits or requirements. Be yourself, be honest and be creative.

Verb 2: Simplify

If you’re anything like me, there’s this weird strain in your DNA that loves to be busy. I can’t hide it; I love to do things… constantly. This weird affection which many call being a workaholic can take over my schedule to the point where I don’t have any moments to be free of task-oriented thinking. With this being true, I often overwhelm myself with unneeded tasks and end up missing the fun, beautiful moments that come from not having anything planned.

Let’s be honest, deep down we know we need rest. We even know that we have the potential to be most effective when we prioritize and simplify are schedules! So, why do we constantly plan, obsess and feel as if we need to be doing something?

Why not take a night off every week and spend time at home with your family? Do you really have to plan an event on Sunday evening when you can be resting? Why don’t you sit at the table with your loved ones to eat dinner? Why not delegate the project to someone else who would actually handle it better? Do you get where I’m going with this?

Let’s vow that in 2015 we will prioritize our schedules, limit ourselves to obsessing over the things that really need to be done, and enjoy more moments filled with God’s rest, play, fun, and laughter. I believe with all my heart that Jesus would do it. Jesus is a powerhouse when it comes to getting things done, but he also makes time to rest and focus on the relationships around Him. Simplify this year.

Verb 3: Slain

In 2015 I’m picking up the pace. What “pace” you ask? The pace to this spiritual race I’m running. I want the prize that Paul in the bible talks about in 1 Corinthians 9:24 and that means that all the bad habits or problems that I want to change are going to see me coming after them with my sword fully out accompanied by a more vigorous fighting mentality! I believe that I put up a good fight in 2014, but this year I believe that God is going to make me stronger and that I’m going to take my fighting game to the next level. Why do I believe this? Simply because I want to! I don’t want to spend another year “overcoming”… I want to finally overcome!

What does fighting look like? It’s different for everyone. For me, it’s declaring statements and scriptures of faith in areas of my life where I know I need it. It’s keeping an extra tight budget to slay the debt dragon that is living in my life for this short time. It’s eating clean so that I never experience the heart-aching disease of diabetes that is killing my generation. It’s learning how to listen better and be more thoughtful of others. What does it look like for you?

It’s easy to get complacent and not turn the fire up on the “small” enemies or hurdles that lurk in our lives, but if we don’t get serious about what we want our lives to look like things will not change. Let’s slain our enemies and win our battles this year! Let’s let it be our absolute desire to overcome in 2015 with the power of Christ that God has invested in us.  

Will you join me in making 2015 our best year yet? Let me know what you’re up against in the comments below. I’d be honored to pray for you! 

Lots of love,