Do Unto Other WOMEN As You'd Have Them Do Unto You

A couple weekends ago I was at a fun music festival. I was there to perform of course, so I got to partake in the great music, meeting amazing bands from all over the country, eating good food, and most of all... meeting new people. If you know me, you know I absolutely enjoy meeting new people. It's a blast getting to interact with other cultures, learn from them and simply interact. 

Martay performing that same week in Idaho

While there, I met this one man in particular who I seemed to hit it off with at first chat. We were both charasmatic and seemed to enjoy each others' company. In fact, we found ourselves near one another often and having some amazing conversations. Also, let's not forget-- he loves God, which made things even more fluid for us. 

After about 3 days of getting to know each other (music festivals are long), I did a bit of Instagram stalking to see if this guy's life through pictures was just like he explained it to me through our conversations. Everything he had explained and told me about his life was true: he mentoured young boys, he enjoyed sports, he was a coach, he loved food and most of all he had a girlfriend... WAIT-- WHAT?! HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND? 

Let's rewind? Over a span of 3 days, this guy and I hung out while he told me his story: where he came from, how one of his parents died, what makes him tick, and the list of things we talked about goes on. We spent so much time together that it even started to seem as if this "thing" between us could have been becoming a bit more. Perhaps a relationship? Perhaps.

But then I find out he has a girlfriend that he NEVER thought to mention throughout this whole process. How does one tell you all about their life and simply leave out the fact that they're "madly in love" with someone, like their Instagram pictures are saying? Red flag? Yes. I'd say so.

Knowing this, I could have continued to let what was blossoming between this man and I go to the next level. I can tell you with one hundred percent of my heart that it was inevitable unless one of us was determined to put a stop to it. We simply had that kind of chemistry and attraction when around each other. If you've ever felt what I felt, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. And yes, I could have been THAT girl who lets another woman's boyfriend pursue her and feed her emotions with tons of heart-racing-excitement that comes with a new relationship, but something whispered inside of me louder than ever and simply said "Don't do it. You will reap what you sow."

I knew, as soon as I saw the pictures of this man's girlfriend and him together, that it was my job to put an end to this relationship him and I had going. I knew that it was crucial to not even leave the OPTION open for this new friendship, in which both of us were extremely attracted to each other, to go down a path that is wrong and hurtful to his girlfriend-- who I don't even know.

What was the thought process that led to me making this decision? There were 3 thoughts on my mind while I was making this decision and I want to share them with any girl (or guy) who has ever been or might be in my same shoes. 

My thoughts: 

1.) I want to honor the Lord and in order to do this fully, I must honor the relationship (otherwise known as a promise or even sometimes a covenant) another two people made before Him. 

2.) I deserve a man that will not hide anything from me. 

3.) I would NEVER want my boyfriend to get emotional satisfaction from another girl's company. It would hurt me TREMENDOUSLY and therefore out of respect for my future relationship, I will not plant hurtful seeds in someone else's now. 

I know I was nowhere near cheating and neither was this guy, but why wait and let things get messy? I don't know about you, but I don't want to live a life like that. I want to walk upright and be a woman of God.

If you are a woman or man waiting for love, I encourage you to not give up and to wait on the Lord. Waiting is an active process where we get busy with serving God, seeking Him out and finding out who we are in Him. If you're waiting, I pray that your waiting process is the funnest time alone that you've ever had and that God captivates you in brand new ways. Don't stop believing for your RIGHT relationship. If we're going to walk in healthy relationships with others, we have to believe that God will do it and when He does it, it will be RIGHT. (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

No secrets. 
No stealing. 
No B.S. 

--- Love you tons, Martay