3 Beauty Lies to Kick Out of Your Regimen

Hey there! It's been a long week and for some reason most of my conversations were filled with talks about beauty. Don't ask my why, but I was discussing everything from makeup to eating "healthy" to major surgeries with different friends of mine (not just girls by the way, guys too!). Some of the conversations were very serious and some a bit more lighthearted, but no matter the conversation one thing seemed to be consistent: most these people were pursuing these methods of beauty for mainly 3 dangerous reasons which I have come to terms with are lies we often buy into.

Anytime you let your life or the way you see yourself be built upon a lie you are in an unhealthy state of being. And you know me, I want to see you healthy and dwelling in your rock-star potential. Today's talk is about those lies. I want to expose them so that they don't control us any longer! See what they are. Click that play button below. 

Now, I'd love to know which one of these beauty lies you might have gotten over or are still dealing with. How did you come to believe it? How did you get over it? If you're still dealing with it let me know what your plan to get past it is. Make a comment below and let me hear from you. 

As always, I want to hear from you!