3 Tips To Make Your Dream Reality

Today was my final day in the studio after having spent 2-whole weeks recording my soon-to-be newest music project! Throughout the process I had mixed feelings: fear (what if I don’t deliver my best creativity?), excitement (I love creating!), thankfulness (I am totally living the dream and not worthy of such an amazing life!), and so much more.


The best feeling of all was after I sang my last edits to the final song of the project, watched the engineer mix & master the tracks, and walked out of the building holding the final master C.D. I was unbelievably RELIEVED that I had accomplished my dream and that people all over the world will get to hear it!


Finishing this project brought to mind a question I get asked a lot while visiting back home. It goes something like this: “Martay, how do you JUST go about achieving your dreams?” Though it seems like a loaded question, I know I can give an answer that will shed some light and make following your dreams seem more possible than ever. I want to give tangible advice for you to achieve the dreams God has put in your heart, just like I do. The following 3 tips are what I use to truly bring my dreams to pass:

1. Acknowledge Your Dream

Often times we fail to see that the recurring thought to do something or change something in our lives is actually a dream that we have yet to acknowledge or realize. No matter who you are, God knocks at your door with a dream or two. Your job is to be paying attention to the dream and mark it as a dream from your maker. 

The way you do this is simple: you make sure you allow some time to reflect on your thoughts and pinpoint what dreams may be stirring, even formulating in your heart. Though this seems simple, this step is key. Most people never leave the legacy they’re intended to leave because they think “Oh! It was just a thought”.

Don’t ever let this phrase slip out of your mouth without asking yourself if that thought was more than just an idea. Acknowledging that idea as a dream is often the first step you need to make in order to begin living the amazing life God has intended you to live.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Daydream

Yes, I know it’s shunned and seen as a bad thing to do in our culture, but daydreaming about how your dream might, would, or could happen is essential to it coming to pass. Make sure, when you have a spare moment or two that you yield to thinking and praying about how you might walk out the logical path of achieving that dream of yours.

Ideal times when I do this are when I am driving somewhere by myself, or showering in the morning, or maybe even cleaning the house... It is possible to daydream while you’re being active in your everyday life. You just have to make it happen! Once you do this enough, you will find yourself walking with more confidence towards your end goal and having a deep resolve as to how to see it come to pass. Trust me. It works… and God is mainly the reason why. Make sure you include Him in the thought process.

3. Talk About Your Dream With People You Trust

Let’s begin by me putting emphasis on the word trust. Please guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23) when it comes to sharing such a precious jewel, your dream, and only share it with people you know can handle it with grace (meaning, they can spur you on to achieve it, strengthen your vision, and help guide you down the right paths). Though your dream might be awesome and from God, not everyone is able to understand it like you do. Afterall, its your dream and it is custom made for you to walk it out, as well as carry it! Be patient and share when the time is right.

When you find a person or two who can support your dream, let them sharpen you with advice and keep you accountable. This has been the most important factor for me while achieving dreams, especially this current music project I just finished. People keeping me accountable to God’s vision for this project helped me to avoid shortcuts and to maintain focus. You want the same support and help with your dream too!

Have questions or want to know more? Feel free to comment below. I’d also like to hear about a dream that you have or are working on accomplishing and what tips you might have for others who are achieving their dreams. Comment away!