Pursuing Passion and Making It Rain!

Living in a rapid-paced world full of ups and downs makes it easy for anyone to lose passion for their dreams. No matter who you are or where you are from, you have at least one dream that is stirring on the inside of you. Yes, the dream could have been pushed to the back of your mind with the recent economic downturn or even replaced by unexpected circumstances, but inside of you is a dream. While your neighbor’s dream may be different than yours, one thing remains true: our world is a better place when a dream is pursued with passion. 


If I haven't told you by now, I am a new addition to the Make It Rain (MIR) team, a non-profit that is dedicated to making the world a better place through community development, which I am so delighted about by the way! (Yes, many of them are the amazingly brilliant and funny people pictured above. The picture took place on our voyage to help build community in Haiti by the way... super cool!)

Being a new member of MIR and a passionate believer in pursuing one’s dreams, I am excited to announce that MIR is launching its very first podcast that will be called “Pursuing Passion”. While dreaming of a way to reach people beyond music this past summer, I came to the conclusion that I needed to join the realm of podcasting. Podcasts are a beautiful way that I have grown as a person and I feel that it is only right that I give back and start one. Therefore, after much discussion and prayer with the MIR team, we've decided that my podcast vision and MIR’s vision gel perfectly together. Overall, we all live to help communities develop into their full potential and because people are at the heart of every community, we know we can help communities grow if we reach their people. Out of a simple desire to see the world be a better place, we want to help everyday people, like you and me, passionately pursue their dreams.

Our podcast is going to be filled with raw, genuine discussion on how to live life to the fullest while facing the world we live in today: a world filled with ‘nay-sayers’, crazy family members, what often seems to be a lack of resources, and so much more. Just as we have something that is ignited on the inside of us to make a difference in our world, we want others to have that same something. As your podcast host, I cannot wait to see how lives (including my own) are changed by the inspiration that is coming our way. It will surely be significant.

I always knew this was more than music!

Many, many, many blessings,



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