Love. Peace. No More Chicken Grease.


Yes. Odd title, I know. As Christmas soon approaches, I wanted to send my love to you, but without the same, old Christmas greeting. I never want to end up being the person that is bent on doing something or saying a greeting because everyone else does. So my Christmas title is my true wish for you this season: Love- may you have Love (God is love. 1 JN 4:8) in His truest form this season, Peace- a sense of focus that keeps your mind strong throughout the many expectations at this time of year, and No More Chicken Grease- as crazy as it sounds, this is just a metaphor for my challenge to start living clean this season. “Living clean”? Yes- living clean.

For those of you who had the sudden fear that I may be doing drugs… I can put your mind at ease and say this is NOT the case. The phrase “live clean” comes from the fitness world. Body builders are always talking about “eating clean” and “living clean”. They only eat the best nutrients and do the best exercises because they want the best for their bodies, as well as their lives. When it comes to wanting the best, I want the best for me and more importantly, I want the best for you.

What does pursuing the best life even mean? It means making challenging, but great decisions to live at the best of our ability at all times. It may be a hard thing to initially put into practice, but I challenge you to live up to your potential and “live clean”. Choose the best this season in all areas of your life: decide to love when it is hard, make a choice to not eat the pie when you’re full, spend less, pray more, instead of venting take a walk, call your mom for no reason, take time to rest… and the list goes on. In what ways can you live your best this season? Whatever ways you think of, they represent an open door to living a better life and having a better you. This is one of the most precious gifts to be given this year. Would you give it?



Aside from striving to be my best this season, I am thankful for all that has happened in the latter half of this year. As many of you know, I did another fantastic music tour with The Extreme Tour in October and shortly after that month was up, I shipped out to Haiti with an amazing team called ‘Make It Rain’. Make It Rain is a non-profit from Pennsylvania that I have begun to work with to help change communities all over the world. While in Haiti, we led worship at a local church and built a guest house for a ministry that drills water wells for the locals. We helped to build an entire house y'all! CRAZY. Well, let me be honest-- all I really did was smile a lot and paint, but it helped! When I think about all I have been able to do this year and all the people I have been able to meet, I just want to do a dance and shed tears of joy. Through music, building, talking, and even eating... I have been able to connect with so many people and change their lives, as well as have my own life changed.

After a crazy year of travel and being a part of many people’s lives, it is back into the vision-box for me. While I am home, I will be searching to see what is next for myself. Though I have no idea what it looks like, I have no doubt that it will be better than ever. Thank you guys for all of your love, prayers, and support. This year has been amazing, but also hard. YOU have meant A LOT to me during this time and can never be replaced.


I love, love, love giving gifts. So I couldn't help myself. For your listening pleasures, clickhere to download my Christmas song for FREE. Add it to your playlist while you celebrate the season and let's jam together. For those who hate downloading free stuff (I know there’s a few of you out there), it’s on iTunes as well. I hope you enjoy it! 

Happy Holidays! 


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