Those who live like this...

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As I sit here reading my bible, I can't help but stumble upon the verses in Galatians 5:20-21. LITERALLY STUMBLE. I feel like I was riding a train and it went from 90mph to 0mph in 3 seconds. A sudden stop.. a stop that hurts and makes me wonder why it hurts so bad to stumble upon this. Why? I mean, I've read this passage many times and why does it hurt so bad now? I believe it hurts because the Spirit inside of me is fed-up and not satisfied with us (us, being our generation) making the decision to follow the life-trasforming Christ Jesus and having no fruit of Jesus to prove it.

Check it-- when you're an orange tree you bear oranges. When you're an apple tree you produce apples. It should be the same for EVERY Christian.There are no exceptions to the rule. Either you follow God's word and look like Him or you don't.. and the whole world will know by the fruit that yo u bear (Matt 7:16). 

Why must our generation go on being decieved? WE CANNOT BE CHRISTIANS IF WE DO NOT BEAR THE FRUIT OF BEING A CHRISTIAN. In fact, God tells us that if we constantly bear certain things, despite what decisions we've said we have made or/and how much we serve at church and whatever else we have to say, we will not RECIEVE the right to dwell in His Kingdom.. what's this whole Kingdom thing about? Well- the earth is certainly not God's Kingdom at the moment. Satan has full control and has had control ever since Adam sold out to him alongside Eve in the Garden (check Genesis if you think I'm lying.. but there's no need to be afraid.. Christ has stomped on his head and given us the power to take control back.. so cool right?? we've got to catch ahold of this truth). Therefore, this Kingdom God is talking about hassss to be Heaven. When we CONSTANTLY dwell in sexual immorality, impurity, debuachery ( being led around by our sensual pleasures), idoltry (putting anything before God, yourself included), witchcraft, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions (causing disunity), factions (participating in evil cliques), envy, drunkeness, orgies, and the like (meaning, anything of this same spirit) we are not going to Heaven. 

Well, Martay... I get mad sometimes,am I not going to Heaven? Martay, I was jealous of someone else last week, am I no longer able to go to Heaven? NO to all these questions if they do not happen consistantly and you are trying to do better by not doing them anymore. If every now and then an apple tree bears bad fruit, the whole tree doesn't get uprooted by the farmer. Right? The simple fact that the apple tree bears good fruit 99.9 percent of the time is the reason why the farmer let's it stay in the midst of his presence. It's the same with us and God.. if by our actions you can tell that we've been in God's presence and dwell in love most of the time.. when we make errors God isn't just going to cast us away like a piece of trash. He loves us all way more than that. (But don't also take this as an opportunity for you to take God's love for granted and mess up on purpose.. He's no fool.) His love reigns above our feelings, so don't get discouraged if you realize you've been dwelling in such a state as listed above.. MAKE THE CHANGES IN YOUR SPIRIT  AND KNOW THAT GOD LOVES YOU ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU THE TIME/CHANCE TO MAKE THOSE CORRECTIONS.

We have got to be a holy generation, just as God is holy. So here is what we need to bear as Christians--- READY??? OK-- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Now, let me be 100% honest with you: not all of these traits listed manifest right away. God knows it has taken me about 5 years to truly understand patience.. and I AM STILL LEARNING, but... (yes I said but) the more we spend time with God in prayer, fellowship, serving, fasting, reading our bibles, and worship, the more we begin to look like Him and bear these traits/fruit. SOOOO EXCITING.. we have the opportunity to look like God. radical.

I end on this note: Just as Jesus came not to condemn but to save others.. I pray that I can be used in the same light. I only wish to feed truth, illuminate darkness and be your sister that keeps it real. I want the best for you, just as God does. I pray that this message can serve as a wake up call to us all (I know it is to me). If this is review for you, send it to you friend who it wouldn't be review for and let them read it. Let us not forsake our fellowship with God, it's the only way we will make it as Christians in a world that is so numb to producing great fruit. 

Love you dearly, 


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