On the eXtreme Tour: Day 1

Today is a great day. Though it’s been long and my eyes are on the verge of burning, I’m truly thankful to be a part of the eXtreme Tour. Everything that it is about makes my heart jump for joy and I simply thank God for letting me be a part of this. After waking up at 3am to make it to the Boston Airport by 4 in order to catch a 6am flight, I am reminded of how real this calling is upon my life. Yes, music and ministry are a ton of fun, super rewarding, and worth each soul that God saves—it is also a reminder that this will be one of the biggest challenges of my life. I know that as I grow, especially on this tour, that God will use everything He’s ever put in me and every experience I’ve ever had. My character will be tested at all times, my endurance in terms of patience towards others when tired, and soooo much more. I am excited though, I live for this Gospel and can’t wait to truly walk this out in this fashion. I was picked up by the coordinator of the tour for our first West Coast stop in Columbia, Missouri  named Andy. With such a great heart, Andy simply brought me to the church… offered me a variety of food and allowed me to take a 3 hour nap until I met up with the Lacks (the coolest people I’ve met who are helping to run the tour). They came to the church in their RV around 4pm-ish and I helped them unload some of their system. Excited to see them again, I was greeted with hugs. Later, we were greeted by a band that will be touring with us called “Runaway Symphony”… really great guys. We ate dinner, had a worship service, and then had a orientation meeting. Though the meeting was long, I learned a lot and am so excited. Mr. Lack was talking about so many things that really hit home: that it’s worthless to play a show if we haven’t taken the time to go into the community and relate to the people, how we need to have “hype days” before the days of our shows where we go into the city and play the part of rock stars to draw people unto us so that they may see the heart of Christ (become a slave to all men so that they may see Christ), how OBEDIENCE is the metric by which we measure our success at all times, how this is more of a missions trip than a tour, and so much more. I love the heart behind everything that was said and I’m thankful for being placed on this tour. I’m ready to walk in obedience and truly “erase myself” while being a part of this. I truly know that God is going to change many lives through this, especially mine. Until next time, I love you all.

Martay WilliamsComment