Yesterday was a tough day. Not as tough as others that I might have had, but it was a day filled with doubt, second-guessing and frankly — I felt like my mind was going to explode as a consequence of too much thought. 

So, why all this thinking? 

I had applied to be considered a part of a music company and they got back to me saying that I was good, but “not developed enough yet”. 

What a blow. 

Put yourself in my shoes — you’ve been honing your craft for 8 years and someone comes along and tells you that you need more time, practice and creativity.

Now, let me be honest. Deep down inside I know I haven’t reached my full potential, but when I read those words in the letter that music company sent me, my mind started racing with evil thoughts and I felt like I had been punched in the face. 

Thoughts like “you’re not good enough”… “you don’t have what it takes”… “it will take you forever to get to where you’re going” … and I’m sure you could imagine some of the others. 

So what do you do when you’re up against a wall, in a struggle you can't get out of and being beat over the head with negative thoughts?? 


You keep being who you are, giving your best effort, and showing up with 100% effort in your daily life to prove the voices wrong. After all, nobody who walked in greatness became great over night. For some people it has taken 20 years or more to see the realization of their dreams come to pass. 

Let's think about Joseph in the bible who was a dreamer and got sold into slavery by his own brothers because he had a dream that they would serve him. He didn't see this dream come true for 13 years! 

How about Martin Luther King Jr.? He only began to see a small glimmer of his dream of equality come true at the age of 38. 

Why am I so impatient? I tell myself --


Our idea of success doesn’t compare to that of God’s. He knows and plans for way more than we can even conceive of in our minds. 

So if you’re in a struggle right now… I want to encourage you and say — 


You and I are created uniquely. Each of our destinations, as well as journeys, are sacred... you know, divinely different. We have what it takes. If we don’t grow weary, we’ll be astounded at what our "tiny" lives turn into. God longs to show off through us… so don’t give up. 





xO - Martay