The Power in OUR Stories: Coffee & Conversation


Today I just sat in the coffee shop trying to get some work done, when I was approached by a man who asked me what I do for a living. A fun-loving guy with seemingly much to talk about, he proceeded to sit down next to me at my table to hear my response.

I told him about my career and what I do. Our conversation soon took a turn towards education (he's going to school in New England where I happened to go to college a couple years back). Our conversation sped into the drastic differences in weather between the USA's East and West coasts, took a left turn towards the topic of "culture" and eventually made a pit-stop in the arena of "religion".

I don't know how we got here, or why this happened. I just know that as he was talking about himself earlier in the conversation I directed a thought to the Holy Spirit. I said, "Holy Spirit, I invite you into this conversation".

I can't lie and say I was filled with faith for this man to have a deep spiritual epiphany or for a heart change to take place, but I knew that deep inside my heart this man was looking for answers and he saw Something (or should we say "Someone") in me that sparked an interest in him.

He's a candidate for his masters degree and here I am: nobody special, just someone who has been faithful to follow God's soft-whispered directions for my life.

Yes, those whispers are the ones that led me to college across the nation and led me to forsake a job with a financial firm after I graduated to become a musical missionary with no income for two years.

Yes, those whispers had many people I loved deeply forsake me with thoughts that I am an impractical, selfish and a childish contributor to our world. They led me through the darkest valley where provision seemed scarce, dreams seemed dead and nobody (even my own family) cared to acknowledge my pain. Yes, I said it-pain.

All those moments of following this loving, yet firm Voice seemed to culminate into the preparation I needed for this moment: this conversation at my favorite coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon.

Salvation in Christ may not have been the direct result of me talking with this intellectual, but I do believe that SALVATION WAS MADE AVAILABLE to him through the leading of God's spirit in that coffee shop. Something transpired of the experiences I have had up to today. There was an opportunity made available by sharing Christ's love, His divine nature and my story. Yes, MY STORY.

This man had no interest in my intellectual knowledge alone, what made him reflect is that it was met with an authentic story of one of God's radical, crazy, and cultivated kids. This makes me so thankful for every hard time! Because of a modern day story that points to Christ (my unnerving, hot mess of a story), this man is no longer ignorant. His darkness has been brought to light. (Ephesians 5:13-14) By faith I will trust God to do the rest.

Where has God led you? What has He brought you out of? Where are you going?

These are not questions to gauge how many devotions you did last week or how much you "know" God. These are questions to help you embrace YOUR story and ignite a fire in your belly. EVERY experience that God leads us through is one that is prepping us to do his greater work upon the earth... To see people healed and set free... To see people whole again.

The struggle you have isn't just a struggle... It's a prepping ground. That good season isn't just a blessing, it's a testimony to be spoken of.

I commission you to let God open your eyes today. By grace I have. See deeper into the realm of life and understand that our Master's plan is at stake with our daily choices of obedience and faith. Choose to see that you are an integral, important part to the plan of salvation. You are the key to someone's open door. You are His light and through your journey God will be found.

Let's Realize Him.