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Hey there friend,


Welcome to my personal blog. A place where I come to share my reflections with the people I care about. I'm not a professional at this by any means, but I pray that God may be shown through the posts to come and that I can provide you with a glimpse of Martay Music... what we're truly doing.. the battles we face... the moments and thoughts that are worth recording. Currently, I'm sitting on my bed in my dorm room at Boston University in the wake of the early morning.. just trying to get a handle on the extra tasks that I can't seem to get done at any other hour during the day. lol. I'm a senior in college right now, while doing full time music ministry. Yeah, might not make sense to most: but God has provided the extra energy and means to fully finish my degree while traveling to minister every weekend and hit the studio during a few select days throughout the week. I'm thankful to even be able to serve the Lord with what He's given me... and even more-- to be able to encounter amazing people such as yourself. As much work as my crew and I do, this is TOTALLY worth it! The blessing of seeing people come to gain relationship with Jesus and get spiritually empowered compares to no other joy.


Though I am having a blast and always on the grind (or the "grizzy" as I sometimes call it), I have been pondering the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42) in the New Testament a lot more than usual. While reading it at bible study on Tuesday, it hit me hard that Jesus does not require us to stay up late all the time, wear ourselves out, and constantly WORK! Though we must do so at times. It's not necessary in His eyes... he simply sees it as necessary for us to do one thing- sit at his feet and listen to Him. WOW! I mean.. wow! Though we often feel called to literally move about 3 mountains, feed 1000 kids and pave roads in Taiwan all in one day.. Jesus just wants us to be with Him! The rest will follow... but Jesus wants us first! I'm so thankful for this fact, it brings so much relief and peace. Thank you God. 


I hope all is well with ya. Send some mail.. we love reading your letters. I'm off to the studio tomorrow and then off to Rhode Island on Saturday to do another concert. Pray that God be magnified like never before!!


Know Higher Love,


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