Monster of Glory (Private PreListen)

by Martay

To every person who has given to this music-project-to-be (whether financially, through encouragement, through prayer or through words of wisdom), I want to say THANK YOU! I never expected God to use me like he is with this project. It's raw, authentic, my true sound, and a testimony of how pain/trials/hurt doesn't go away when you come to know God and His Church.


In fact, hurt and hard times seems to become a bit more prevalent in many people's lives after they make a commitment to Christ... WHY IS THIS HARDLY TALKED ABOUT? With all my heart, I believe God wants me to talk about it to soothe the souls of many and continue to give them hope as to who God TRULY is.

Here is a listen to what is finished so far, 5 songs that I recorded acoustically in Boston. I'm believing and making efforts to get the same 5 songs remixed into a hip-hop/rnb version as well so that this music project when it comes out will be a double EP-- one version being acoustic guitar and vocals, and another with hip-hop production. It's creative, fun and reaches two different audiences that I believe God wants to speak to about overcoming pain and drawing near to Him. 


**Remember, my music is not yet released and therefore this private page is only for you and your ears. No sharing. (Not that you would. Just has to be said.) I only send things like this to people I trust tremendously. Thanks again for all that you've been/given to my life and this project! Many blessings to you for being a part of this! I am sooooo thankful! 


All glory to God for his amazingness and for what's to come!



Your sister and friend-- Martay