California-based singer-songwriter, Martay, releases new album called "Before the Bouquet"

Central Coast, CA, USA - April 7, 2017 - Independent artist, songwriter and singer named Martay has released her third album titled "Before the Bouquet” and is promoting her current single off the album called "Aye-Yi-Yay". Below is more information regarding the release: 

  • Artist Name: Martay
  • Song title: Aye-Yi-Yay (off of album titled “Before The Bouquet”)
  • Producers: Martay & Felix Mwangi 
  • Streaming link:
  • Purchase link:
  • Story behind song: "I was on a remote beach in Costa Rica last summer serving with a group of volunteers. It was after hours and being in such a solitary place, I was reminded of how much I absolutely need God to function in day-to-day life. It’s easy to forget, but being thousands of miles away from home in a bare-minimum environment was a great reminder. I sat down with the guitar and “Aye-Yi-Yay” was what flowed out of me. It’s a declaration of hope in a dry place.” - Martay 

Martay’s social links: 

  • Twitter: @martaymusic
  • Instagram: @gabriellamartay
  • Facebook: MartayMusicOfficial
  • Snapchat: @GabriellaMartay


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